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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How many times a day should I brush my teeth?

    We at THE DENTAL HOME, advocate brushing twice a day and importantly rinsing after every meal. For best results it is better to discuss your home care techniques and needs with your dentists and thus you can be sure that you are caring for your teeth properly.

  • 2. There are numerous brands of toothbrush and tooth pastes available in the market. Which should I opt for?

    This is one of the most common question which we encounter with routinely.

  • 3. I brush twice a day daily still I get cavities?

    Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how often you brush your teeth but how you brush your teeth is what matters! So, you should visit your dentist and learn the correct technique for brushing your teeth. That will save you from cavities.

  • 4. Fear of dental treatments is the most common reason for neglecting dental visits. How do I overcome that?

    Firstly, there is nothing to be afraid of while visiting a dentist. For that most importantly select a dentist that suits you and keep them permanent. Talk to them about your anxieties and fears and they will surely help you out. Treat them as your family physician, that can bring down the anxiety level. No major surgical procedure will be performed on first visit itself. So relax, go to the dentist and seek appropriate treatments.

  • 5. Are regular dental follow-ups beneficial? How often should I visit the dentist?

    Yes, regular follow-ups are definitely beneficial. By regular dental check ups, you can stop any deformity at an initial stage only, so it does not get worse and would save you- time, pain and money. So its better to get routine check ups done and keep teeth healthy. How often you should visit, depends on the condition of your teeth and your oral hygiene. So you should visit your dentist and he will guide you regarding your follow-ups.

  • 6. What is scaling? Does it increase the gap between my teeth or make my teeth weak?

    Scaling is a routine dental procedure in which the teeth are cleaned from deep gumline and deposits are removed. It is a wrong perception that scaling has any of these side effects. There is no harm in scaling. In fact, the patients with heavy deposits, if does not undergo scaling, can lead to severe gum diseases.

  • 7. Sometimes I notice bleeding in gums while brushing and my close ones even complain of foul smell from my mouth. What are the possible solutions for the same?

    In early stage of gingivitis, bleeding occurs and gums become tender. Pockets are formed in the gums that leads to more plaque and food debris deposition, which results into more bacterial growth, that causes bad breath.

    There are certain home remedies to fight against it like,

    • Brush teeth and use dental floss.
    • Gargle with salt water.
    • Visit your dentist and get your scaling(teeth cleaning) done
  • 8. At what age should I get my child for a dental check-up?

    The best age to bring your child to the dentist is from 6 months onwards. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So as soon as the first tooth erupts in the oral cavity, schedule your appointment for proper maintainance.

  • 9. Are milk teeth important?

    Definitely! the milk teeth hold an important role in child’s chewing, speaking and smiling. So, they should be taken good care since the beginning.

    They also help to hold an important place for the erupting permanent teeth.

  • 10. What are braces? Why is orthodontic treatment important?

    Braces are basically clips that are attached to your teeth, to set the uneven arrangement of teeth into an even one. Apart from esthetic, ortho treatment helps to make better bite, making teeth fit better and deceases the risk of future potentially costly dental problems.

  • 11. Till what age can I get my braces done?

    Due to advanced technology, now it is possible to get braces even at the age of 35-40. But it does not depend on the age alone. Many other factors play an important role such as bone density, oral hygiene of patient, periodontal condition and so on.

    So, there is no universal age limit, you should consult a dentist and know about your options.

  • 12. My teeth look yellowish even after scaling. Why is so and how can I get whitening?

    Firstly, scaling is just deep cleaning of your teeth and not some whitening procedure.

    Yes, it does remove the extrinsic(external) stains but not the intrinsic stains(internal).

    For whitening you should opt for tooth bleaching. It can help you to whiten your teeth.

  • 13. Sometimes, while seeing my pictures, I don’t like my smile. Is it possible to change my smile pattern? Can I design my smile?

    One of the first things, we notice in people is how they smile and how confident they are. Some smiles look naturally attractive and beautiful, while some others are not blessed with same.

    At the dental home, we can analyse your smile by following few basic principles of smile designing like front teeth width/height ratio, teeth inclination, colour of your teeth, midline symmetry, gap between teeth, golden proportion rule and many more...

    So when these principle's are followed and combined with modern day science, you can get miraculous results.

    It allows you to choose the smile you want, a perfect trio of CONFIDENCE, BEAUTY AND HEALTH...

  • 14. While smile designing there remains an anxiety within me about the outcome. Any solutions for that?

    YES, definitely ... and the procedure for that is known as PRE TREATMENT MOCK UP. It is a procedure where your smile designing is done on a model, without doing anything in your mouth. With this you can see the upcoming result, and upto what level your smile will improve.

    You can also take pictures on model, and discuss them with your near ones.

    Once you are satisfied with the results, we can proceed with the treatment.

  • 15. I have few broken/mal aligned front teeth. What are the feasible dental treatment for same?

    With proceeding art and science in dentistry, there are number of cosmetic treatment options available to beautify your front teeth. To name few of them, composite laminates, direct and indirect veeners, all ceramic crowns, orthodontic treatment(braces) etc...

    Depending on your age, extent of damage and how many teeth are involved, the best treatment that suits you is chosen.

  • 16. I have missing teeth in my oral cavity. Is it necessary to replace it?

    Yes, it is definitely necessary to replace your missing tooth. Because if you don’t, the other teeth will be mal aligned(disordered) to fill its space and the tooth opposite to the missing tooth will be supra erupted(rise up from the socket) ad all this will lead to an imbalance in oral cavity. So, you should avoid such complications and get a missing tooth replaced.

  • 17. Dental implants or dental crowns… how should I select one? OR which one should I prefer for replacing missing tooth?

    Dental implants are better than dental crowns.

    In IMPLANT, no other teeth are disturbed, while in crowns, we have to reduce the neighboring teeth, in order to build a bridge. This can affect the gums in a longer run.

    But implants, might not be a suitable option for everyone. It highly depends on the age, condition of your oral health, bone density and space available. So you should visit your dentist and know your options.

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