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Pregnancy health care plan

So, it’s necessary that during this beautiful phase, we take care of our oral health and avoid post op troubles. This would be beneficial to both mom and the child.

Teen teeth treatment plan

Teen age is the age when looks matter the most. Don’t let any toothache or crooked teeth , fade your smile. It’s your age to “shine bright like a diamond”

Tiny toddler plan

The incidence of dental caries has increased tremendously in kids these days. So, its necessary that they are guided right from the beginning to avoid future problems.

Adult plan

we face new problems daily during this phase. Tooth sensitivity, tooth pain, bleeding gums, loose tooth, bad breath and so on! But we also neglect all of these until & unless these problems don’t let us sleep.

Abhi to hum javan hai plan

Old age is the age, where everything seems to leave US, including our TEETH! Gums and oral health needs utmost care during these years.

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